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ebbxandxflow's Journal

28 March 1987

○ ○ ○

[Age] 16
[Birthdate] March 28
[Birthplace] Destiny Islands
[Nationality] Island brat
[Dominant Hand] Right
[Height] 186 cm (6' 1")
[Hair] Long and silver (reflects the current light--be that red or blue or white)
[Eyes] Aquamarine
[Skin] Pale
[Sexuality] Bisexual Life's too short for it to really matter. You bond with whoever you bond with, you're attracted to whoever you're attracted to. He gets me, he understands it. He challenges me. Its not like I really care what others think about it, anyway.

[Current Residence] Seaside ShackThat stupid run down house near the highschool. Yeah, I'm fond of it. So what?
[Pets] Highwind (whoozit), an unnamed cat, and currently a babysitter of Roxas' Dragonhawk Tinkerbell
[Housemates] Roxas and Axel

[Voice Actor] Japanese: Mamoru Miyano; English: David Gallagher

[Basic nature] Distant, egotistical, snarky, bored, challenging, pessimistic, introspective
[Temper] Depends. Sometimes he's easily angered, other times it takes a whole lot of goading to piss him off.

[Ambitions] Figure out who, exactly, he is. To let that stupid idiot boyfriend of his experience life to the fullest.
[Philosophy of life] Its too short to wait and think about things.

[Introvert/extrovert] Introvert
[Intuitive/reasoning] Intuitive
[Optimist/pessimist] Pessimist
[Tense/relaxed] Tense
[Serious/carefree] Serious

[Abilities] Keyblade, magic, strength

[Love interest(s)] Roxas, childhood crush on Kairi
[Lust interest(s)] Roxas
[Close friends] Sora, Kairi, Mickey, Ai
[Other friends] Izuna, Leon, Rinoa, Maes, Aqua, Terra
[Acquaintances] Donald, Goofy, Axel, Sasuke, Jean, Hitsugaya, Ed
[Enemies] Organization members sans Axel and Roxas… maybe Demyx, Greed, Homunculi, Alucard
[Family] Unnamed parents, presumedly he has both of them

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